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  1. Ann Campbell says

    How do i get the second part of crochet stonewashed pocket coatigan

  2. Alida says

    Thank you this sweater is so beautiful. I can't wait to make it. How talented you are. Again thank you

  3. Elaine Williams says

    I love the texture of this Cardigan, and I’m going to make it over the winter, I think I’ll shorten it a little though. Thank you for sharing this beautiful cardigan, I can’t wait to start! Does Michaels sell the Drops Air yarn? I’ll have to substitute another similar yarn if I can’t find Drops Air. You are very talented and I like it that you have included a video tutorial too if I have to look up something that I can’t understand. Thank you! 😃

    • admin says

      Hi Elaine, thank you so much for your kind words! I don't live in the US, so I'm not sure if Michaels sells Drops Air ... I've included links from where I purchased it online and substitution suggestions. I'd recommend a yarn that is very light (has a lot of yardage for the weight) and has an airy fluffy quality to it. I hope this helps! Grace 🙂

  4. Ronda Moomaw says

    you said it was a free pattern then why can I not download it because you have to pay for it and I cannot afford it

    • Grace says

      Hi Ronda, this is a free crochet pattern - all the information you need is in the blog post 🙂 The pdf is purchasable for a small fee to help support my business. Grace

    • Sandy says

      hi Ronda

      I ordered the actual yarn from the UK, and just finished this coatigan today. I saved the website and went back to it each time I sat down to crochet. I managed to make the whole thing without any hassle. This is THE Easiest garment pattern I have EVER tried. there is not much in the instructions, and its very clear. On top of that, is the little video tutorial.
      The Paid pattern simply allows you to use it Without ads or extras.
      I hope you Will try this. You will be really surprised at how easy and quick this garment works up.

  5. Joann says

    This is a very beautiful cardigan you video are very helpfully

  6. Judy says

    How many stitches is the gap for the sleeves when making a large sweater that is the only thing that I can't figure out

    • Grace says

      Hi Judy,
      The gaps for the sleeves for size L is 10 sts across but as long as you place your stitch markers in the correct stitches you should be fine 🙂

  7. Karen says

    G'day Grace,
    I have watched the video tutorial video and read this pattern but for the life of me I cannot work out how to go to start the pocket without fastening off at the body but you say not to. Do you have multiple skeins ?

    • Grace says

      Hi Karen,
      I just used another skein of yarn to crochet the pockets. Since this pattern is so large you'll need to us emultiple skeins of yarn anyway 🙂

  8. Jaclyn says

    Hi Grace!

    I would love to make this, but I've already bought beautiful 100% wool yarn. On the label they recommend size 6.5 - 8 mm knitting hook. Can I just follow this pattern or should I make some changes? Or maybe size down? Which hook size would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Grace says

      Hi Jaclyn, you should be looking for a worsted/aran weight yarn - it sounds like you might be using a bulky? I'd recommend using the hook size suggested in the pattern and double check to see if you meet gauge. If you don't adjust your hook size (smaller hook for more stitches per 10cm/4" or larger hook for fewer stitches per 10cm/4") accordingly.
      Grace 🙂

  9. Leighana says

    Hi Grace!

    I’m looking forward to making this. I have my yarn in my basket ready to buy, but I’m not sure how much yarn in approximate total I would need for a medium? I’m not sure if I missed it somewhere. Thanks!

  10. Moldovan Ioana-andreea says

    thank you, thank you, thank you for the pattern. i made this as my first project ans turned out fantastic. i made it in a thicker yarn, all wool and added a collar! can wait for the cold weather!

  11. Sue says

    Hi, I've read through the pattern which seems really well detailed but when I watched the video it looks like your HDC are worked in the back of the stitch. Can you confirm if this is correct please.
    Kind regards

    • Grace says

      Hi Sue,
      I'm working normal HDCs unless stated otherwise. The yarn used in the sample is just really fuzzy so it's hard to see the stitch definition - if I was only working into back loops the entire coat would be ribbed.
      Grace 🙂

  12. Sandy says

    I just completed the coatigan with the reccommended yarn, and hook, made the Small size, and ordered 11 balls... (in case I messed up something) I finished, with a tiny bit of yarn to spare,probably a couple of yards max... PLUS, One Unused ball.

  13. Lydia Doty says

    Do not under sleeve directions. It says after the 5th row check to see how it fits the opening. Then starting at the 6th row on to the12, connect with a slip stitch. What about rows 1-5? Don’t they need to be joined? Or am I missing something?

    • Lydia Doty says

      Never mind. I watch a video and now understand .

  14. Sandy says


    I LOVE this pattern, made it, specially ordered the Drops Air yarn, in the colour you used... All the way from the UK store to Texas... was So exited to make this coatigan. I had some issues, only because I kept forgetting to turn when doing the sleeve rows. got that sorted and it raced to the finish from there... I am actually trying a cotton blend yarn now... with self striping... same pattern... learning that self striping yarn creates issues of its own when you are doing smaller sections that will not come out the same as the much larger ones in the body of the coatigan.

    My one disappointment here, was with the original yarn. I really wanted this to be a wonderful Christmass gift for my mother in law, and ended up spending almost $100 just to get the exact yarn. I had seen it reccommended in other Drops patterns, and thought it might be a lovely soft and light option for a garment. Well... its light, and soft... but working it was like creating a felted cloth... loose, flat, and with no life or spring to the yarn. I have definitely been disappointed in the final product. I washed it very carefully, rinsed and laid it flat to dry outdoors in the winter sunshine. Temps were in mid '70s here in Texas, so no harm from sun or cold... the fabric just hs no life to it. I realise the pictures here are enhanced for digital use, but the colour I chose, Fog, I think... was also more of a Grey fog, with blue tones... its very nice... but far from the lovely blue shown here.
    The Pattern however, is WONDERFUL... I want to try it with all sorts of yarns. I would also reccommend this pattern, and have... to everyone I know who crochets...

    • Grace says

      Hi Sandy,
      So glad you enjoyed this pattern and so sorry you're disappointed with your yarn! My Coatigan is definitely blue with hints of grey, maybe the dye lots vary greatly? I try to get the photo colours as true to life as possible but every screen is different! Also my coatigan has only ever been steamed so I find that it's still very 'fluffy' and squishy feeling.
      I hope you enjoy your next version of the coatigan!
      Grace 🙂

  15. Judith Johnson says

    I love this pattern as it looks super easy and very effective but I'm interested to know what yarn others have made it in successfully as none of the Drops colours grab me and it's quite expensive. This is my first branch out into crochet clothing, I've only made blankets using my stash of colours. I've no experience with tension and yarn conversion and how much to use of different yarns. I live in the UK. Thank you.

    • Grace says

      Hi Judith,
      You can check out some projects on ravelry to see what this project looks like with different types of yarn -
      If it's your first time crocheting clothing, my number 1. tip would be to make sure you meet gauge. is good resource to find alternative yarns and just keep in mind that any time you substitute yarn chances are you'll need a different amount than what's stated in the pattern so I'd always recommend getting an extra skein or 2 to just be sure.
      I hope this helps,

  16. Dorothy says

    Hi! This may be a dumb question but is it possible to.make this a litter fuller around the hips, something a. little more a-line? . I am afraid t will fit at the top but be too narrow at the bottom. Than you.

  17. Sharon Pachet says

    Hi Grace, I wanted to confirm the amount of yarn needed for this beautiful pattern. I’m going to make a XS coatigan and wonder if 450 g will suffice as it really is quite a big/long sweater.

  18. April says

    Hello, your sweaters are beautiful. I'm working on this one in xl but I noticed you instructions say to chain 186 when all the other sizes start with an odd number of chains. Then the total number of stitches for the xl says 186 again when the other sizes are one number less. My question is what is the right one to do..should I chain 187 and have a total stitch ct of 186 or do I chain 186 and have a total stitch ct of 185? Thank you

  19. Sara says

    Hello! Hope you can help me, I am bit co fused about the pockets rows. If I crochet 20, I see that I end up with both tail ends on the same side. When I watched the video you seem to have 19 instead, but that would not make it to match till row 40. Am I getting this wrong? How could you do an even number of rows and have the tails for sowing them on 2 different sides? Please help! <3

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