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  1. Delia says

    Question if I am making this for a child..

    Am I To work up to round five for the crown of the beanie and then proceeding to the instructions to do the sides?

    • Grace says

      Hi Delia, if you're making this beanie for a child I'd recommend creating a circle until you reach the correct diameter/width stated in the pattern and then proceed to the instructions for the sides. Crocheting until Round 5 is just a suggestion (if you have the same gauge as the pattern requires) as I find that circle size varies a lot depending on the type of yarn you used and gauge! I hope this helps, Grace 🙂

    • Kelly SIOBHAN Meehan says

      I hope you consider making a video of the hat (adult size)!

  2. Eileen Mccarthy-White says

    If I wanted to crochet an infinity scarf in the round using the single herringbone stitch, would I have to work the backside herringbone on alternating rounds like when I crochet in rows? I love your cowl pattern. I bought it this week. Thanks.
    Eileen (new to crocheting)

    • Grace says

      Hi Eileen,
      Yes you'll need to turn after every round and work alternate rows.
      Grace 🙂

  3. Jimena Rodríguez says

    Hi Grace!
    I'm a begginer,and I tried to make this beanie, I already make a neck with the same stich without problem. In this case after knitting the first 4 chains and making the slip stich to join the last 4 chains, I don't get how to make the 6 simple crochet stiches. My work start making a beanie for a mouse. Couls you tell me if this is correct? When you say to go into the stitch you mean crossing between the backbone of the chain or taking just the furthest string of the stich. I'm confused on the begining of the beanie. I hope you could help me with this. Thank you.

    • Grace says

      Hi Jimena,
      The first round is worked into the hole/centre of the ring - not in the chains so that's how you can crochet 6 stitches into the same hole.
      I hope this helps,
      Grace 🙂

  4. Kelly says

    Hi Grace! I have made one hat with the Crazy Sexy Wool and it stretched / loosened out. It was not with your pattern. But, I was wondering if you had the same thing happen? I plan on trying your pattern because I love the yarn and want to make it work 🙂

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