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  1. Cee says

    Is there a full video tutorial? Ive tried to make per pattern and Im just not getting the right size. 75 seems to fit 2 heads

    • Grace says

      The full video tutorial is just above the pattern or you can watch it on youtube 🙂 Just wondering if you checked your gauge? Often if the gauge is off, the sizing will be off too. If you still find 75 rows too large, you can follow a smaller size or just crochet the band until it wraps around your head and follow the colour chart as per normal. I hope this helps!

  2. Bianca says

    The beanie looks absolutely amazing! However, I am having a really hard time inserting the hook in between the v of the single crochet…what am I doing wrong? Too tight?

    • Grace says

      Hi Bianca, it sounds like your single crochets might be too tight or your crochet hook is too blunt – I find crochet hooks with more of a point work well for this stitch.
      Grace 🙂

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