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  1. Stitcht78 says

    This is so beautiful! Thank you so much for giving this to us.

  2. Lucia Medina says

    Thank you so much for beautiful pattern. Got my Christmas present.

  3. Cee says

    Is there a full video tutorial? Ive tried to make per pattern and Im just not getting the right size. 75 seems to fit 2 heads

    • Grace says

      The full video tutorial is just above the pattern or you can watch it on youtube 🙂 Just wondering if you checked your gauge? Often if the gauge is off, the sizing will be off too. If you still find 75 rows too large, you can follow a smaller size or just crochet the band until it wraps around your head and follow the colour chart as per normal. I hope this helps!

    • Christy says

      It depends on the yarn you are using ; mine was much thicker so I just crocheted my band until it fit my head about 46 rows and 20” now I’m following the rest !

  4. Lalka Crochetka says

    beautiful pattern and lovely hats! tutorial looks like easy to follow - thank you for sharing! I think it will be my next hat 🙂

  5. Cat says

    So pretty, thank you for sharing.

  6. Bianca says

    The beanie looks absolutely amazing! However, I am having a really hard time inserting the hook in between the v of the single crochet...what am I doing wrong? Too tight?

    • Grace says

      Hi Bianca, it sounds like your single crochets might be too tight or your crochet hook is too blunt - I find crochet hooks with more of a point work well for this stitch.
      Grace 🙂

  7. Carmen says

    The hat is so pretty. Is the char has a multiple to work for? Thanks for sharing the great tutorial.

    • Grace says

      Hi Carmen,
      The chart is in a multiple of 10 and then you follow along until you reach the end of your hat so the last 5 stitches of your round will be the same as stitches 1-5 on the chart.

  8. Kirsten says

    When making the gauge swatch, it says single crochet but should I gauge by single crochet or the fair isle stitch? Thanks

    • Grace says

      Hi Kirsten,

      Please follow the gauge as listed - so crochet your gauge swatch using single crochet

      Grace 🙂

  9. kb says

    Beautiful hat! Did you use all 85gr of each colour? I have 50gr skeins and wondering if I need two of each colour or if one of each will do.

  10. Sara says

    I made the adult size and followed the pattern for it, it's realllllly short, are my stitches too tight?

    • Ally says

      You might have used a hook that was too small for the project, or too thin yarn.

  11. Monique says

    Hi, where can I have the colour chart for child size, can’t find it anywhere. I’ve got only the adult size. Waiting for your answer. Thank you very much.

    • Kelly says

      I was wondering the same thing Monique, It would be nice to have the child size color chart.

  12. Claire says

    I’m crocheting the adult size. I’m using the same yarn and hook size as specified. I did up a swatch, and my gauge matches exactly.
    Despite all this, the hat fits very loose on a 21” head size. I’m wondering if I should go down a hook size, or two, for the rib band, and then continue the hat body in the specified hook size. What are your thoughts on this, and getting the hat to fit a little more snug?

  13. Jenny says

    Hi Grace,

    I love your hat pattern it’s beautiful and I am planning to make one for myself.

    I would like to ask your opinion and advice of how to make the same design for a scarf? Thank you for sharing 😊

  14. Debbie Eckstein says

    is the tutorial no longer available? i'm looking everywhere and cannot find a link. can you help?
    Thank you,

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